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Jeju Folk Village is a vivid and faithful re-creation of the traditional culture and history of Jeju Island during the late Joseon Dynasty and is committed to informing international visitors about Jeju's folk culture.


The village has hosted a variety of MICE events for international guests, including state visits, international conferences, and company events, and continues to develop and operate distinctive and tailored programs to offer diverse firsthand experiences of Jeju’s traditions and culture.


About 100 traditional houses that were once real homes to the residents of the village are exhibited, showing how the people of Jeju lived in the past. As visitors explore the village, they can listen to exciting pungmul (farmer’s music), which enhances the joy of learning about Jeju’s unique tongsi (pigsty + outhouse) and viewing the skillfully made handcrafts decorating the houses.


By exhibiting Jeju’s traditional architecture and folk traditions, Jeju Folk Village helps to preserve the history and cultural heritage of Jeju Island.



Jeju International Airport  Jeju Folk Village 

By Car (1hour 10minues, By Taxi 39,000won)
Seogwang-ro 2.2km → Donggwang-ro 2.1km → Beonyeong-ro 35.5km
By Bus (1hour 20minutes)
Get on the bus No. 111 at Jeju airport → Transfer at Tamna Welfare Center bus No. 221  → Get off at Jeju Folk Village

ICC Jeju  Jeju Folk Village 

By Car (1hour 5minutes, By Taxi 37,000won)
Iljuseo-ro 6.0km → Iljudong-ro 31.0km → Pyoseondongseo-ro 1.4km
By Bus (1hour 40minutes)
Get on the bus No. 600 at ICC Jeju → Transfer at Daeryun Community Service Center  bus No. 201  → Transfer at Pyoseon-ri intersection  bus No. 201 → Get off at Jeju Folk Village 




| Area : 2900㎡
| Capacity : 600Pax



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