Camellia Hill

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Camelia Hill has been exhibiting the nature of Jeju with passion and love for 30 years. The largest camellia arboretum in the East, Camellia Hill has more than 650 kinds of camellia flowers blooming at different times of year, making it worthy of its theme, “All Camellias on the Planet.” In addition to the queen of winter flowers, Camellia Hill also has 250 varieties of other native Jeju plants that create a unique and beautiful landscape year-round.


In addition, Camellia Hill has Jeju-style thatched houses and hanok buildings, allowing visitors to experience Jeju’s traditional architecture first-hand while enjoying a cozy banquet in the front yard of the buildings.


Aside from seasonal plants, including camellia flowers in winter, cherry blossoms in spring, hydrangeas in summer, and pink muhly in autumn, guests can also enjoy photo spots where they can capture their unforgettable experience at Camellia Hill.


Those who want to bring the memory of Camellia Hill home with them should not miss the camellia oil, soap, sheet masks, and other beauty products offered on site. Camellia Hill proudly offers not only events, but also a variety of experiences, making it one of Jeju’s representative Unique Venues.



Jeju International Airport  Camellia Hill 

By Car (50minutes, By Taxi 30,000won)
Nohyeong-ro 3.2km → Pyeonghwa-ro 21.2km → Hanchang-ro 3.0km
By Bus (1hour)
Get on the bus No. 182 at Jeju airport → Transfer at Sangchang Health Clinic bus No. 752-1 → Get off at Camellia hill

ICC Jeju   Camellia Hill 

By Car (15minutes, By Taxi 9,700won)
Jungmungwangwang-ro 2.5km → Jungsanganseo-ro 4.5km → Byeongak-ro 1.6km
By Bus (45minutes)
Get on the bus No. 600 at ICC Jeju → Transfer at changcheon ri bus No. 752-1 → Get off at Camellia hill



Grass Square

| Area : 9,900㎡
| Capacity : 800Pax

The Greenhouse

| Area : 102㎡
| Capacity : 60Pax

Hyangsan Memorial Hall 

| Area : 308㎡
| Capacity : 170Pax



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