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At about 11 times the size of Aqua Planet 63, Hanwha Aqua Planet Jeju is Korea’s largest aquarium and boasts the world's largest single tank.


With 48,000 animals from over 500 species on display, Hanwha Aqua Planet Jeju is an “amusement theme park” offering education, culture, and entertainment all in one location. The aquarium is equipped with a colossal exhibit tank called “Sea of Jeju” that re-creates the ocean environment off the coast of Jeju, a large Maritime Performance Hall, the Miguel Chevalier Special Exhibition, and also offers a wide variety of other activities.


Any MICE event or luncheon held in front of the “Sea of Jeju” exhibit will be an unforgettable memory for all participants.



Jeju International Airport  Aqua Planet Jeju 

By Car (1 hour 5minutes, By Taxi 43,000won)
Aejo-ro 9.4km → Beonyeong-ro 14.1km → Geumbaekjo-ro 6.0km
By Bus (2hours)
Get on the bus No. 111 at Jeju airport → Transfer at Gosungri Seongsan Nonghyeop bus No. 295 → Get off at Seopjikoji

ICC Jeju   Aqua Planet Jeju 

By Car (1hour 15minutes, By Taxi 49,000won)
Iljuseo-ro 6.0km → Iljudong-ro 48.1km → Sinyang-ro 1.2km
By Bus (2hours 50minutes)
Get on the bus No. 600 at ICC Jeju → Transfer at Daeryun-dong community center bus No. 201 → Get off at Sinyang-ri entrance


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