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Hwansang (Fantasy) Forest Gotjawal won the Forest Keeper Award at the 16th National Beautiful Forest Competition, proving its commitment to the conservation of the environment and nature. Seven professional forest commentators take visitors on guided tours, sharing the stories hidden in the Gotjawal, which is known as the lungs of Jeju. The forest also provides one of the largest habitats for fireflies, which can only live in clean environments. With these luminous fairies lighting up the sky, Hwansang Forest Gotjawal provides a Unique Venue for beautiful evening and nighttime events.


1. Hwansang Forest tours are run by individuals who appeared on an episode of the KBS show “Screening Humanity.”
2. Gotjawal is the only forest in the world with its particular type of unique ecosystem still intact.
3. Hwansang Forest has been featured in the media, including in a BTS music video and on the KBS show “Screening Humanity.”
4. Visitors can have a “farm party” with Jeju farmers and their agricultural products.
5. Hwansang Forest has a pool of talented locals that can assist during international events.



Jeju International Airport  Hwansang Forest Gotjawal 

By Car (50minutes, By Taxi 30,000won)
Nohyeong-ro .1km → Pyeonghwa-ro 18.3km → Sinhwayeoksa-ro 5.0km
By Bus (1hour)
Get on the bus No. 151 at Jeju airport → Transfer at Jeju Osulloc tea museum bus No. 820-2 → Get off at Hwansang Forest Gotjawal

ICC Jeju   Hwansang Forest Gotjawal 

By Car (30minutes, By Taxi 20,000won)
Jungsanganseo-ro  2.5km → Hanchang-ro 4.5km → Sinhwayeoksa-ro 1.6km
By Bus (45minutes)
Get on the bus No. 600 at ICC Jeju → Transfer at Donggwang Station bus No. 784-1 → Get off at Hwansang Forest Gotjawal 


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